Kashmir is a famous place famous for lakes, Snow clad mountains, Beautiful Gardens, Springs etc. All the Seasons of Kashmir are always extravagantly beautiful and charming. It is therefore your choice to taste the Nature with all beautiful seasons here.

SPRING : March – May (Temp Min 2.50C- Max 250C)


It comes alive in spring when nature bedecks the valley with blossom after blossom: almond, cherry, apple, peach, pears, tulips, daises and many more.

Throughout the valley thousands of fruits and flowers burst into bloom exuding and alluring fragrance.
Brief showers, light winds and blossoming flowers characterize this season. Along with that, the whole of Kashmir stands blanketed in the hues of green.

Fresh life with a new Smile is what Kashmir talks about.

SUMMER : June – August (Min 150C Max 340C)


In the summer the melting snow of the mountains fill the brooks and rivers with gushing water. Only a touch of white peaks on the top most crags tells the tale of winter past.

Characteristic of summer are the floating gardens on the Dal lake, trout fishing, trekking in the Himalayas, golf, water sports and bird watching etc.

The climatic conditions of Kashmir in summers are not quite hot. In Srinagar, you may even require to put on light woolens in summers.

Kashmir is the most sought after hill station during summers.

AUTUMN : September – November (Min 10C Max 270C)


Summer gives way to autumn. Nature packs up for the season with wild abandon leaving a trail of gold mellowed leaves.
Red fire like glowing Chinar leaves start falling.

One of the famous highlights of autumn are the saffron fields of Pampore, for which Kashmir is very famous.

The whole region gets covered in the hues of first gold, then russet and then red.

WINTER : December – February (Min -7.0oC Max 12oC)


By December the winter season starts to fall and covers the valley with white cover of beautiful snow.It looks like a bride in Great white dress waiting for you.

Skiing at Gulmarg and the worlds best Chair cable car season starts which tourists enjoy.

Also if by any chance the Dal-lake freezes due to chill ,then one can enjoy the ice skating too over the Dal lake.

Covered with snow throughout, Kashmir looks like a picture straight out of a Dream.